Van Bodywork Repairs & Resprays in Berkshire

Van Bodywork Repairs & Resprays in Berkshire

Vans are working vehicles and as such can often show wear and bodywork damage long before the engine and chassis start to fail. As a result, many vans just need some bodywork repairs and a paint respray to bring the whole vehicle back to life, improving its resale value or simply creating a better impression with your customers.

At Perfect Paint we are one of the very few companies in the wider area that fully equipped to deal with all van bodywork repairs and resprays. Our large capacity spray booth and oven is big, big enough to deal with a Luton box van. This means that we can drive your van in, prepare the van, make the necessary bodywork repairs and fill any bodywork that needs to be filled, and then start the re-spraying process.

Our large spray booth and oven means that we are able to ensure strict quality control. It allows us to create an environment where we can control atmospheric moisture, dust control, temperature and curing times.

This level of control and attention to detail means that the repair will not only look good when you pick the van up but for years to come; something that we take great pride in.

In addition, and just as important to our customers, is that by having a spray booth and oven designed for vans means that we can get the job done faster. We only need to remove the trim, we don’t need to remove whole panels which allows for a faster turnaround which, in turn, gets you back on the road faster.

Van Bodywork Repairs
Van Bodywork Repairs
Van Bodywork Repairs

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