Courtesy Cars Services

Courtesy Cars Services in Berkshire

Imagine you took your car to a repair store, and the situation is now forcing you to take a cab or wait for a bus to get to work, shopping centres or to take your children to school. Given that you are always used to the comfort of your own vehicle, this can be so stressful, right?

Here’s some good news; at Perfect Paint, we not only focus on satisfying your repair needs, but we are also concerned about your mobility while we work on your vehicle. We know some of the hassles you can go through without your car, and it is for this reason that we have made it easy for you use a car from our fleet to use until your car is ready.

Our goal is to make sure that the lifestyle you had with your car is not interrupted by temporary absence. The good thing about using courtesy cars is it enables you to let the repair shop focus on the work they are doing on your pride and joy. Too many phone calls chasing your car may lead to corners being cut and jobs being rushed, which is not going to lead to the outcome you want.

Most companies will want you to pay an additional cost to make sure that you get a courtesy car if your insurance policy cannot pay for it, which is very expensive. In addition, paying for cabs or bus tickets with your own money can cause an unexpected gap in your savings. Even if you were to get a car hire service for the duration your own car is absent, you will still spend the same or more than what the insurance would have paid for the courtesy car.

It is important to have an insurance premium to cover all that for you. In the event the accident was not your fault, we normally take care of the cost of the courtesy car for you, instead of using your own insurance. Our courtesy car service is very convenient, and we can have the car brought to you – depending on when and where you want it.

It is also our custom to consider how busy our clients can be, therefore, after completing the repair work on your car, we make sure that it is delivered to you. We believe that this will save you some time, and reduce any interruptions in your schedule.

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