Car Paint Matching

Car Paint Matching in Berkshire

Do you know that the appearance of your car can to some extent be used to describe your personality? This is the reason we all want our cars to run efficiently, and most of all look just as good as new all the time.

If you are a motorist, then we know how upsetting getting a scratch on your vehicle can be. What can be even worse is driving to a garage to fix the irritating mark, only to end up with un-matching paintwork. This can sometimes almost feel like someone has tainted your personal reputation in public. The main reason Perfect Paint exists is to save you from such stress. There are a few important steps that most other repairs and paint garages miss that we don’t, and this is why you will never regret leaving the task of restoring the appearance of your vehicle to us after an accident.

At Perfect Paint, we understand that even though two paint colours may look similar, manufacturers normally make all kinds of different paint colour codes, applications and shades which can vary every year. Cars have different guidelines to match and apply these colours which must be followed otherwise the resulting paint job will not match the original.

There are different factors that can influence the fading of your car paint with time, such as the powerful ultraviolet rays from sunlight and salt if you live close to the sea. With the focus on colour codes, we can rematch the slight- or full-fade on your car with the rest of the bodywork.

Metallic and non-metallic

We also specialize in providing metallic and non-metallic paintwork. We know what a stunning look on your car means to you. Therefore, we make sure that your vehicle achieves a perfect solid matte effect where the bodywork involves the use of non-metallic paint. The good thing about non-metallic paint is that it comes with a lot of maintenance benefits and is also pocket-friendly.

We know how difficult it is for most repair stores to match metallic paints properly on the damaged surface. Some vehicles can easily end up showing swirl marks if the metallic paintwork is poorly done. We have specialist methods and experience for metallic paint application that will give your car a more uniformly appealing shine.


Do you like your car better with different colours on the roof and body? Well, we know the tricks of the trade and have all the options available to revamp the look of your car. We can enhance the element of excitement with amazingly applied two-tone car painting.

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