Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Berkshire

We understand that most car owners usually expect quick and effective wheel alloy repair and alloy wheel refurbishment in Berkshire. Therefore we are more than determined to give repair services that exceed with your requirements. In case you need alloy wheel refurbishment, wheel repair, or even the customization of your current wheel, look no further because Perfect Paint is in a place to offer you quality services. We work hard to make sure that the damage on your alloy wheels does not tarnish the image of your car.

Our workshop is well equipped to strip down your old wheels and offer them a complete repair or refurbishment. This entails peeling off the old paint or applying a new coat over the damaged surface. Corrosion is harmful to your wheels as well; rust stains can give them a tired, old look as well. Once your car is in for repair, we take a look at the extent of damage that was caused by corrosion, before deciding on a long-lasting solution. Most car owners fancy something unique about their car wheels, and at Perfect Paint we can deliver just that. Instead of buying expensive wheels from manufacturers, we can simply offer an amazing customization service at our shop.

We offer top of the range colour options for your alloy wheels which include custom wheel colour changes that are offered by some of the best wheel technology companies in the market. It is also possible to match your alloy wheel rims with the colour of your vehicle. We can give a number of finishes that make the job look spectacular. Clients can choose from satin, matte or gloss finishes depending on their choice. These finishes are designed to give your car a personal touch, and at the same time make sure that it lasts long enough to get value for your money.

Other alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment services that we offer in Berkshire include wheel straightening, mounting, and un-mounting of tires. All these we do at competitive prices. We further check the tire pressure to make sure that your car balances well. We have a team of trained experts in the field of wheel repairs. We also source our equipment from the best manufacturers to make sure that our customers get the best and are happy.

If you are looking for the best body and alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service for your car in Berkshire, we at Perfect paint promise to deliver overall good results and customer friendly prices.

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