• November 8, 2016

“Something was Dropped on the Bonnet”

“Something was Dropped on the Bonnet”

150 150 Joe Symons

Let it never be said that, even under the most extreme pressure and duress, that the Mercedes CLK 500 is anything less than a splendidly handsome car; a refined design, classy in style and all business in presentation. A car that stands, above all else, for a certain sense of grace and elegance. Well, of course, perhaps not when it’s found in this condition:


The above is just what a car brought to Perfect Paint must come to after being subjected to the aforementioned extreme pressure and duress after an extended period of time. Unlike the Range Rover (the subject of our prior blog), the Mercedes above came in not for tune-ups and refinements, but an extensive session of repairs, fixes and polishes. Our second ‘case-study’ for the Perfect Paint blog came to the garage with a great deal of wear and tear for the team to put back into shape.

“What we were faced with here wasn’t so much direct damage – there was no full-on collision involved or anything like that,” says Perfect Paint’s Steve Lewis. “The problems were more of a built-up nature. The body came in with quite a fair bit of wear – specifically, there was a lot of stone-chipping all over the paintwork, which’ll do no small amount of damage over time. Worst of all was the bumper – when it arrived, it was badly scuffed and had taken the brunt of a lot of chippings, scratchings and similar abuse.”

“More worrying, though, was the bonnet itself. To put it frankly, the bonnet looked like it had something heavy dropped on it, and the depression into the engine block needed a fairly urgent seeing-to.”

So, with all that to keep them busy, what does the Perfect Paint team do to get this CLK back into top form?

“This is a simple one. Despite the extent of the work, we know straight off the bat what needs doing, and we begin with beating the bonnet back into shape to get that depression out and the front end looking smooth again. Thankfully, in this case the body won’t require a complete overhaul or replacement, just good and careful attention in the repainting and cleaning process. Once we’ve accomplished that, the wings get a proper re-blending, and with a bit of luck, the Mercedes gets back to looking beautiful.”

A man confident in the abilities of his team; and going by the results shown in the photo below, a man with every right to be so. Keep your eyes on the blog for new cases as they arrive in the Perfect Paint garage!